A Little About Me


Born and Raised in the Rocky Mountains, I'm a proud native of Colorado. Mountains are in my blood and a huge part of my life. Living in harmony with nature has always been a way of life rather than just a hobby or interest of mine. This is the driving force behind my passion for tiny homes!

I have been building and creating since I was in diapers. I have a Real Estate and Construction Management degree from The University of Denver, I have worked in Commercial, Multi-family and Single Family Residential Construction as well as being a licensed broker. I am saddened by the scale of waste in all construction industries. There is a way to build smarter and cheaper and I believe tiny homes are the solution.

I left the corporate construction industry to look for current tiny home builders to learn all I could about the new industry. I wanted to know how they were building and what people were looking for in a tiny and why. I found Byron and Dot Fears with Simblissity Tiny homes and loved what they were doing in the tiny home movement. They are true movers and shakers in the tiny home community and they they were great mentors to get my feet wet in the tiny house movement.

After Simblissity I toiled to find a way to continue to help in the tiny home movement. I decided there were enough people looking to build their own tiny home but didn't know everything they needed to get started or to finally complete their dreams of living tiny. I decided I could use my knowledge and skills to help those trying to navigate the tiny house process themselves and offer my services as a consultant...
So Here I am - Ryan McCue: Tiny House Guy!"

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